Saturday, June 30, 2012


Skull Candy Designs is having a sale this weekend (through Sunday) for FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders!  Simply enter "SHIPFREE629" at checkout and you will score this sweet deal! ;)

Here are a few items that were JUST ADDED! 

Happy Shopping Everyone! :)

Until the next. ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I should really post more often. I apologize for being so lame. ;)

Things have been pretty busy for me lately... traveling to California twice this month (once for work, once for play), and continuing to add new stuff to my Etsy Shop.  The newest of which are some batty items, which I LOVE! :)

You can see the other new items by going to Etsy and searching for my shop, Skull Candy Designs.  I've also made SCD a Facebook fan page, so go ahead... like it! (If you haven't already!) I have exclusive offers and discounts for my FB fans, so you can save some dough from time to time. :)

So, I have to mention that one of my California trips was to San Fransisco, where I got to cross a few things off my bucket list.  Mainly, ALCATRAZ! (I mean, how freakin' cool is that?!)  I got to roam about the island (or as they call it, "The Rock") and take photos and even took a tour of the cell blocks. We also hit up the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose (google it!) which has been a dream of mine for a while too! And um... the Cheesecake Factory! ;) I also got to (finally) meet a long time scrappy friend, Victoria-- which was like, the coolest part of the trip! (We all had fun, didn't we V?!) :) Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip:

I have to say, if you haven't been to San Fransisco, DO IT.  There's LOTS to do, and LOTS of history there.  It's absolutely beautiful, and the weather is like perfect fall weather all year round. (Just a tad windy! LOL)  Honestly, I would move there if I could. :)

Well, until the next. Hopefully it won't be 6 months from now. ;)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tie-Dye Nail Tutorial!

I've been doing my nails pretty awesome lately, if I do say so myself. Everywhere I go, I am always getting compliments from people (just ask Sarah or Allyson! LOL!) and they always are asking me how the heck I did them.

Well, here's your chance to learn... =)

I hope you like my little photoshoot. ;) [Sorry, I get bored house sitting! LOL] I just have to point out the Zoolander/Magnum-looking shot in the lower right. Ha!

Step 1: Pick 3 of your favorite (or complimentary) colors! Don't forget to grab your top coat! =)

Step Dos: If you plan on using dark colors, I suggest a base coat... let's just say, you don't want smurf-colored nails for 3 weeks while you try to buff them out. Trust me. Not fun. ;)

Step 3: Paint 1/3 of your lower nail base with the first color. Let dry a couple minutes.

Step 4: Paint the middle 1/3 of your nail base with the second color. Let dry a couple minutes.

Step Cinco: Like that? Spanglish. ;) Anywho- paint the top 1/3 of your nail with the third color.

Optional: Apply some OPI Shatter to it! (Black in my case)

Step 6: Apply top coat.

That's it! Six easy steps, and you can rock tie-dye looking nails!

Have fun! =)

Until the next!

My Etsy Store!

Well, I finally did it. I made an Etsy store! You can check it out here.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Little 4x4 Action!

Sarah, once again, needed a scrappy friend last night but I just wasn't feeling it. I have lots of photos I can scrap, but don't really have any printed off. You know how that goes... I can be the queen of procrastination. ;)

Getting bored watching her, I decided I should really makes some cards since it always seems like I need one and never have one. LOL Here are my little 4"x4" cards... I was able to knock out 6 of them with WeScrap kits only.

Here I cut out my own little arrow embelly with grungeboard.

Well, until the next. ;)